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Discover Seamless Payments with Aqqo’s Robust Integrations!

Navigate through the world of seamless financial transactions with Aqqo's pivotal Payment Service Providers (PSP) integration, amplifying the efficiency of your venue management and customer experience. Aqqo’s system seamlessly integrates with five diverse PSPs, including renowned platforms like Stripe and Mollie, giving you the flexibility to collaborate with the provider of your preference.

Immerse your customers into a flawless booking journey with direct online payments via our online booking engine. This ensures instant, secure transactions, allowing users to swiftly move from selecting their desired slots to confirmation, thereby enhancing the user journey and reducing dropout rates. The integration is not merely a transaction tool but a bridge that ties the user experience together with a reliable, fluid payment process.

Further, diversify your customer's purchasing paths by enabling direct online payments in the venue webshop. Whether your customers are purchasing a ride pass, membership, or other services, Aqqo ensures that the payment process is smooth and swift, seamlessly tying together the browsing and buying journey.

Aqqo places a strong emphasis on invoice management. With automatic payment links generated upon invoice creation and automatic payment registration, managing finances becomes notably streamlined. When a transaction is finalized, respective bookings, webshop orders, or invoices are marked accordingly, ensuring real-time updates and accurate financial tracking. Also the payments get registered in your bookkeeping through the accounting software integration.

Moreover, Aqqo’s integration elevates your customer service with a fully self-service charge-back function. Our system intelligently considers cancellation conditions, providing automated refunds or partial payments when needed, safeguarding customer satisfaction while maintaining financial accuracy.

Navigate through a world of simplified, efficient, and customer-friendly payment processes with Aqqo’s PSP integrations - Your key to unlocking a world where financial management and customer satisfaction coexist harmoniously in the realm of venue management. Embrace a future where every transaction is a step towards operational excellence and elevated customer experiences. Welcome to Aqqo - where venues and seamless payments converge!

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