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Seamlessly Integrating Access Control with Venue Management in Aqqo

Enabling frictionless access and providing a robust management solution for venues like sports halls, meeting rooms, and tennis courts, Aqqo's integration with access control systems, such as Salto KS and iLOQ, is redefining how administrators manage their bookings and customer access.

Aqqo's innovative approach to "Remote Venue Management" allows venue administrators to regulate access to their facilities remotely, mitigating the necessity for physical access methods such as keys or cards. This is accomplished through a secure cloud-based access control system that is meticulously integrated into Aqqo’s platform, offering a revolutionary manner in which bookings and access control are synchronized and managed.

The practicalities of creating a booking are straightforward yet comprehensive:
• The booking date and precise timings (start and end), including any additional lead-in and lead-out times, are automatically coordinated with the access control system.
• Specific access doors and user information are synchronized.
• An access group is formulated within the access control software.
• An access code, consistently associated with the user, is auto-generated and validated solely during the booking period and any established lead-in and lead-out times.
• Optional physical access methods (such as hardware tokens or PIN codes) can be utilized where appropriate.

Further enhancing user convenience, Aqqo’s App allows users to view bookings and unlock access remotely, with options for single-use access, 15-minute access, or access lasting until the end of the booking. Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the app provides a convenient and user-friendly interface to facilitate streamlined access.

In an event where a booking is canceled or deleted within Aqqo's venue management software, an immediate synchronization with the access control system occurs, revoking the corresponding access group and thereby ensuring the user cannot access the facility with their prior access code during the now non-existent booking.

This integration empowers users with a seamless booking and access experience while providing venue administrators with a comprehensive, secure, and efficient management tool, significantly reducing manual administration and enhancing operational efficiency. Thus, Aqqo not only simplifies venue management but also elevates the user experience by offering a self-sufficient, secure, and intelligent solution for venue access.

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