Space Management

Space Management

Space Management Software with a user friendly back-office

Aqqo's space and venue management software effortlessly integrates with vital apps and systems. Ensure a smooth operation by connecting with payment gateways, accounting software, POS systems, and access control systems, all within a unified platform.

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Intuitive Design & Easy Onboarding

Step into a back-office environment designed for simplicity and ease of use. Aqqo’s Venue Management Software offers an intuitive user interface that ensures your venue managers and administrators can effortlessly navigate through various functionalities. With straightforward onboarding and a user-friendly design, Aqqo ensures your team can quickly adapt and optimize the management of your venues, spaces and other resources.

Comprehensive Booking Overview

Never miss a detail with Aqqo’s Back-Office Management, providing an all-encompassing view of every reservation, booking, and client request. Our Venue Management Software meticulously organizes every facet of your bookings, from scheduling to client specifications, enabling flawless control over your spaces and venues. Navigate through every reservation with a clear, detailed overview, ensuring each event, sports activity, meeting, or gathering held at your venue is executed to perfection, maintaining high client satisfaction and optimal space utilization.

Simplified Scheduling and Conflict Resolution

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and operational hassles with Aqqo’s intuitive scheduling functionalities. Our space management software prioritizes smooth, conflict-free scheduling by identifying and alerting potential double-bookings and providing alternative solutions. Whether managing a padel club or co-working space with varied and flexible booking needs or a corporate meeting room that demands precise scheduling, Aqqo’s smart scheduling ensures your operations run without a hitch.

Streamlined Financial Administration

Manage your billing, invoicing, and overall financial administration with precision and ease. Aqqo allows your administrative team to generate invoices for bookings, track payments, and manage financial data without the hassle. Our robust Invoicing Software ensures that every financial aspect of venue and space management is not just accurate but also effortless, ensuring financial consistency and reliability in every transaction. Moreover, to elevate your financial management further, our software smoothly integrates with various accounting software, ensuring that your billing, invoicing, and financial reporting are consistently accurate and always in sync, enabling a cohesive financial workflow across all your management tools.

Streamlined Financial Administration

Empower your management team with data at their fingertips. Aqqo's Back-Office Management provides real-time reporting and data analytics, ensuring that every decision is data-driven and accurate. From tracking booking trends to understanding revenue flow, Aqqo offers a comprehensive dashboard that brings clarity and insight into your venue and space management. Inform your strategies and enhance your operation with software that brings data and decision-making together seamlessly with our integrations with BI tooling.

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